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Barrowby Lodge / Poplar Farm area only


Max Willis is your trusted local babysitter, serving the Barrowby Lodge / Poplar Farm area of Grantham. Max provides friendly, conscientious and dependable babysitting that's tailored to your needs.

About Max

Max Willis is a14 year-old student at The Kings School in Grantham. He has been babysitting for his younger brother and friends of the family for some time, and is now looking to expand his client base.


There is no legal age for babysitters. However, if you leave your child or children with someone who’s under 16 (as Max is) you are still legally responsible for their wellbeing.

Max Willis - Babysitting Services

Babysitting: Parents may require a babysitter for a number of reasons, including date nights, scheduled activities, special occasions, work commitments, medical appointments or emergency situations.


Child Minding is a another word for babysitting. But please note that Max will only look after your child or children in their own home. He does not provide child-minding services in his home.


Operational Area: Max only works on or near the estate where he lives, which goes by a variety of names including Barrowby Lodge, Poplar Farm and the Miller & Carter estate.


Hours: Until 9:00pm on school-nights (Sunday to Thursday). Until 10:00pm on Fridays, Saturdays and school holidays.


Price: £10 per hour for the first hour, then £8 for each subsequent hour, e.g. 1 hour: £10;  2 hours: £18,  3 hours: £26.

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